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Rob Zombie Teases ‘Mr. Baggy Britches’ From ‘3 From Hell’


Late last night, Rob Zombie shared a vague Instagram post showing what appears to be a sticker of a clown called “Mr. Baggy Britches”. The House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects director included the hashtag for their sequel, 3 From Hell:

Another day of shooting 3 From Hell. Who the fuck is this dude? #robzombie #3fromhell

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Many Instagram users are theorizing that it’s a new character played by Clint Howard – here’s a recent headshot of Howard from Star Trek Discovery for comparison:

It sure looks like Clint Howard to us, too. Mr. Baggy Britches’ gapped front teeth, crooked smile, and deep creases next to the eyes and mouth all line up with Howard’s facial features, but that’s just speculation. Meanwhile the confirmed casting announcements so far include Sheri Moon Zombie & Bill MoseleySid HaigAustin StokerDee WallaceJeff Daniel PhilipsDaniel Roebuck, and Emilio Rivera.


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