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Scream Factory Adds Three John Carpenter Classics To Blu-ray


This July, Shout Factory will be adding three John Carpenter classics to its Scream Factory collection of Blu-ray horror titles.

First up, 1995’s In the Mouth of Madness starring Sam Neill is getting the Collector’s Edition treatment, complete with new sleeve art:

The In the Mouth of Madness Collector’s Edition Blu-ray retails for $28.43:

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Sutter Cane (Jürgen Prochnow) is the best-selling author whose newest novel is literally driving readers insane. When he inexplicably vanishes, his publisher (Charlton Heston) sends special investigator John Trent (Sam Neill) to track him down. Drawn to a town that exists only in Cane’s books, Trent crosses the barrier between fact and fiction and enters a terrifying world from which there is no escape.

Next, is 1992’s Memoirs of an Invisible Man starring Chevy Chase and Daryl Hannah.

The Blu-ray of Memoirs of an Invisible Man retails for $23.99:

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Just a quick nap and weary stock analyst Nick Halloway is sure he’ll emerge as good as new. Instead, he wakes up as good as gone. Vanished. A nuclear accident has made Nick … invisible!

Invisibility makes it easier to spy on agents (particularly chief adversary Sam Neill) who’ve put him in his predicament. And he can romance a lovely documentary producer (Daryl Hannah) in a way she’s never “seen” before.

Finally, the 1978 classic Someone’s Watching Me starring Lauren Hutton and Adrienne Barbeau.

The Blu-ray of Someone’s Watching Me retails for $23.99:

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Los Angeles newcomer Leigh Michaels moves into a chic high-rise apartment building. She loves the view. So does the Peeping Tom who lives somewhere in the adjacent tower.

This thriller where the breath-catching suspense starts at the moment Leigh (Lauren Hutton) is framed in the lens of a telescope. For Leigh, it’s the beginning of terrors that escalate from anonymous calls and gifts to lights that mysteriously flicker to prove that someone watches every moment of her life. Leigh fights back, matching her tormentor’s obsession with her own relentless drive to uncover his identity. The prey is now predator – and that escalates the stalker’s game to a deadly new level. Someone is watching.

All three of Scream Factory’s new John Carpenter Blu-rays will be released on July 24th.