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Scream Factory ‘Night of the Creeps’ Comes With NECA Action Figure


Shout! Factory has announced, via social media, that it’s bringing a Collector’s Edition of the 1986 alien zombie movie Night of the Creeps to its Scream Factory line of horror blu-rays. The film is written & directed by Fred Dekker and stars Jason Lively, Steve Marshall, Jill Whitlow, and Tom Atkins.

The Collector’s Edition blu-ray is available in two versions, the standard Collector’s Edition and a Deluxe Limited Edition with only 3,000 copies. Both versions include all of the Director’s Cut of the film and all of the extras from the previously released standard edition blu-ray, plus a slipcover featuring the film’s original VHS artwork, with the theatrical poster design on the reverse.

Meanwhile, the Deluxe Limited Edition also comes with a an 18″ x 24″ poster and second slipcover featuring brand-new artwork by Devon Whitehead, and an eight-inch clothed “Detective Ray Cameron” action figure by NECA Toys:

While Night of the Creeps won’t be released until Tuesday May 28 2019, the standard Collector’s Edition is now available on preorder for $23.99 (regular price is $29.99) or $69.99 for the Deluxe Limited Edition:

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Unfortunately, the final list of new special bonus features has not yet been finalized, but Shout! Factory promised an update on that in April, so stay tuned!


When an alien experiment goes awry, it crashes to Earth in 1959 and infects a young college student. Twenty-seven years later, his cryogenically frozen body is thawed out by fraternity pledges… and the campus is quickly overrun by alien creatures whose victims turn into zombies!


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