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Scream Factory Releases ‘The Clovehitch Killer’ Blu-ray


Shout! Factory has released IFC Midnight’s recent serial killer thriller The Clovehitch Killer to its Scream Factory line of horror Blu-rays. The film is directed by Duncan Skiles, written by Christopher Ford, and stars Dylan McDermott, Charlie Plummer, Samantha Mathis, and Madisen Beaty.

Scream Factory’s The Clovehitch Killer blu-ray is now available for just $18.97 (regular price is $22.97):

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A shocking revelation turns a teenage boy’s world upside-down in this chilling look at the evil that can lurk below even the most wholesome surface.

Tyler Burnside (Charlie Plummer) is a Boy Scout, a volunteer at his local church, and the dutiful son of an upstanding, community leader dad (Dylan McDermott). Only one thing troubles the quiet Kentucky town he lives in: the unsolved murders – in which ten women were brutally tortured and killed by a psychopath known as Clovehitch – that rocked the community more than a decade ago. When Tyler discovers a cache of disturbing images in his father’s possession, he begins to suspect that the man he trusts most in the world may be Clovehitch… and that his deadly rampage may not be over. With unrelenting tension, director Duncan Skiles crafts a picture-perfect vision of the American family… and then rips it to shreds.

Bonus Features:

  • Making-Of Featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer

  • Editor’s Note: This article was originally posted on 12/11/2018 when the product was first announced, and then updated on 3/5/2019 to reflect the product’s release and to include the high definition trailer.


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