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Scream Factory Releases ‘Superstition’ On Scream Factory Blu-ray


Shout! Factory has released the 1982 occult horror movie Superstition to its Scream Factory line of horror blu-rays. The film was directed by James W. Roberson, written by Brad White, Bret Thompson Plate, Donald G. Thompson, and Michael O. Sajbel, and stars James Houghton, Albert Salmi, Lynn Carlin, and Larry Pennell.

The Scream Factory blu-ray of Superstition is now available for just $22.99 (regular price is $27.99):

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Something horrible is happening at the old house on Mill Road. A series of ghastly accidents has occurred near the site where a witch drowned centuries earlier. But when an alcoholic minister and his family move into the cursed residence, an idealistic young priest (James Houghton) and a cynical police detective (Albert Salmi) start their own investigation into the unexplained violence. Has the daughter of Satan returned for a rampage of vengeance? Will the laws of the Church be strong enough to cast out this demon? And if evil has truly found a new home, is the entire neighborhood headed straight to hell?


  • New 2K scan from the original film elements (Interpositive)
  • New “That Crazy Witchcraft” – an interview with director James Roberson
  • New “Lake of Fire” – an interview with actor James Houghton
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Original TV Spot

Editor’s Note: This article was originally posted on 1/8/2019 when the blu-ray was first announced, updated on 3/4/2019 to include special bonus feature information, and updated once more on 4/16/2019 to reflect the product’s release and to include the official blu-ray trailer.


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