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80’s Killer Virus Flick ‘Warning Sign’ Now On Scream Factory Blu-ray


Shout! Factory has released the 1985 deadly pandemic thriller Warning Sign to its Scream Factory line of horror blu-rays. The film is written & directed by Hal Barwood and stars Sam Waterston, Kathleen Quinlan, Yaphet Kotto, Jeffrey DeMunn, and Richard Dysart.

The Scream Factory blu-ray of Warning Sign is now available for just $22.99 (regular price is $27.99):

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In the rolling Utah countryside, a small town is host to a fortress-like research facility, which the townspeople believe is developing new advancements in agriculture. But deep within is a top-secret project to create a bioweapon that turns anyone exposed to it into a raging, psychotic killer. When the unthinkable happens and the facility is locked down, Sheriff Cal Morse (Sam Waterston) must choose between keeping the town safe and rescuing his wife Joanie (Kathleen Quinlan), who is trapped inside. But for Major Connolly (Yaphet Kotto), there is only one remorseless solution: contain the deadly virus… at all costs.

Bonus Features:

  • New interview with director/co-writer Hal Barwood
  • New interview with producer Jim Bloom
  • Audio Commentary with Hal Barwood
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Original TV Spot
  • Still Gallery

  • Editor’s Note: This article was originally posted on 12/5/2018 for the product’s announcement, and updated on 3/26/2019 to reflect the product’s release and to include special bonus feature information & the high definition trailer.


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