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Shout! Factory Releases 2003’s ‘Willard’ To Scream Factory Blu-ray


Shout! Factory has released the 2003 remake of Willard to its Scream Factory line of horror blu-rays. The film was directed by Glen Morgan, written by Morgan & Stephen Gilbert, and stars Crispin Glover, R. Lee Ermey, and Laura Harring.

Scream Factory’s Willard blu-ray is now available for just $23.99 (regular price is $29.99).

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For years, Willard Stiles (Crispin Glover) has been trapped in a dead-end job with no friends and no future. Willard’s life seems hopeless until he makes an eerie discovery: he shares a powerful bond with the rats that dwell in his basement. Now a guy who has been trampled in the rat race his entire life is suddenly ready to tear up the competition… beginning with his boss.


  • New 2K Scan of the original film elements
  • New Audio Commentary with writer/director Glen Morgan & director of photography Robert McLachlan
  • New Audio Commentary with animal trainers Mark Harden & David Allsberry of Animals for Hollywood
  • New “The Road to Willard” interview with writer/director Glen Morgan
  • New “Destination Willard” interview with director of photography Robert McLachlan
  • New “The Rat Trainer’s Notebook” behind-the-scenes footage from Animals for Hollywood
  • Audio Commentary with writer/director Glen Morgan, producer James Wong, actors Crispin Glover & R. Lee Ermey
  • “The Year of the Rat” a documentary on the making of Willard
  • “Rat People: Friends or Foes?” a Real Rat documentary
  • Deleted/Alternate Scenes with optional commentary
  • Music Video BEN by Crispin Hellion Glover with optional commentary
  • Behind-the-Scenes footage and interviews from the electronic press kit
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spots

  • Editor’s Note: This article was originally posted on 1/18/2019 when the special bonus features were first announced, and then updated on 2/26/2019 to reflect the product’s release and to include the high definition trailer.


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