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‘The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear’ ‘Myth & Reality’ Trailer


Small Town Monsters has released a second trailer, dubbed “Myth & Reality”, for its upcoming monster documentary The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear. The film will be released to DVD and digital on Friday, April 6th.


The “Flatwoods Monster incident” has become one of the most famous legends in modern memory. However, with the Pentagon now opening up about UFO investigations dating back to the 1940’s, the incident can be seen in a new light. In September of 1952 hundreds of people across the United States witnessed glowing objects streak across the skies over much of the Eastern Seaboard. One of the objects in question was seen to land on a hill near the small community of Flatwoods, West Virginia by a group of children. The children and two adults made a journey to the top of the hill to search for the object but instead found themselves face to face with a thirteen foot tall mechanical monster. Later that same evening a branch of the local National Guard unit would be dispatched by Air Force officials to investigate the site of the encounter.


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