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Watch Troma’s ‘Shakespeare’s Shitstorm’ First Teaser Trailer Now!


Troma has released the first teaser trailer for Shakespeare’s Shitstorm, its upcoming horror/comedy based on William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. – which we first reported on back in May of last year. The film is a sequel the studio’s Tromeo & Juliet which was co-written by now-controversial filmmaker James Gunn back in 1996.

The nearly minute-and-a-half long trailer is chock full of sex, drugs, profanity, cross-dressing, Russian roulette, buckets of green vomit & other bodily fluids, and a whole lot of Lloyd Kaufman:

Shakespeare’s Shitstorm is directed by Lloyd Kaufman, written by Kaufman, Brandon Bassham, Gabriel Friedman, Frazer Brown, Doug Sakmann, Zac Amico, and Dane Keil, and stars Kaufman as “Prospero”, Kate McGarrigle as “Miranda”, Amanda Flowers as “Ariel”, Monique Dupree as “Caliban”, Erin Patrick Miller as “Ferdinand”, Abraham Sparrow as “Big Al”, Debbie Rochon as “Sebastian”, Dylan Greenberg as “Trini”, Zoe Geltman as “Steph”, and Mark Finch as “Boatswain”, with appearances by Comic Book Men’s Ming Chen & Ron Jeremey.


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