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‘Z-Rex: The Jurassic Dead’ Official World Trailer


October Coast has released the world official trailer for its upcoming zombie dinosaur movie Z-Rex: The Jurassic Dead. The film is directed by Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick, written by Milko Davis and Michele Pacitto, and stars Matt Block, Cooper Elliott, and Ben Johnson.

Z-Rex: The Jurassic Dead will be released Summer 2018.


A hard-boiled hotshot militia unit, led by “Cuchilla” Vasquez (Raquel Pennington – UFC Top-Ranked Contender, “The Ultimate Fighter”), Duque Wayne (Andy Haman – World-Renowned Pro Body Builder, USA National Freestyle Wrestling Champion) and “Stick” Howard (Ruselis Aumeen Perry – “American Ninja Warrior”) must team up with a group of tech-nerd millennials after the United States is struck by a master-planned EMP asteroid attack.

Stranded in the desert, the two disparate groups end up trapped inside the labyrinth compound of mad jilted scientist and political terrorist Dr. Wojick Borge. There they realize this madman is behind it all and more, and they scramble to stop the rest of his nefarious plan to toxify the world.

Meanwhile, the ultimate bio-engineered zombie dinosaur killing machine – the Z/Rex – is hunting them down. The commandos and the millennials ultimately turn on each other, and unearthly pandemonium ensues. The blood-thirsty predator picks them off one by one, shredding and infecting them as they struggle for their very survival against the unimaginable menace.


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