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Waxwork Records Releases ‘The Prodigy’ Vinyl LP Soundtrack


In partnership with Orion Pictures, Waxwork Records has released the official motion picture soundtrack for the newly released horror film The Prodigy on vinyl. Containing nineteen tracks by composer Joseph Bishara, the deluxe set features brand-new artwork by Adam Rabalais:

What’s more, the 180 gram single LP is printed in blacklight-activated “Blue Iris” vinyl:

While Waxwork Records’ The Prodigy original motion picture soundtrack vinyl LP won’t be released until April, it’s now available on preorder for $27:

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The Prodigy was released to theaters nationwide on today. The film is directed by Nicholas McCarthy, written by Jeff Buhler, and stars Taylor Schilling, Jackson Robert Scott, Brittany Allen, Colm Feore, and Peter Mooney.

Side A Track List:

  1. journey of trust
  2. took my Hand
  3. he couldn’t wait
  4. rebirth passage
  5. The Prodigy
  6. glass fragments
  7. one eye blue
  8. conscious violence
  9. a soul returns
  10. dreamt intruder

Side B Track List:

  1. where flies are drawn
  2. second soul speaks
  3. clawed messages
  4. surface normal
  5. induced accident
  6. loaded moment
  7. blue or hazel
  8. old soul cast
  9. Hands are calling

Notice that the only capitalized word in the official track list other than movie’s own title track is “Hand”…


The haunting soundtrack by Joseph Bishara (Insidious, The Conjuring) is an expert composition of dark orchestral scoring focusing on heavy string arrangements, clarinet, and horns reminiscent of classic 1970’s horror soundtracks. The orchestration is blended with emotive electronic soundscapes. Bishara’s tense strings, coupled with droning electronic rhythms and piano, sets the dark tone and effectively captures impending doom and tragedy.

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