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Waxwork Records Re-Releases ‘Re-Animator’ Vinyl Soundtrack


Waxwork Records has re-released a deluxe version of its Re-Animator vinyl soundtrack. Originally released back in 2013, H.P. Lovecraft’s Re-Animator was the very first record that the company ever produced. The new release is a re-master of the original 1985 film’s score with new packaging. The fifteen-track album is printed on 180 gram “crystal clear” vinyl with neon green and yellow “Re-Agent” splatter and features brand-new cover art by “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin and liner notes by director Stuart Gordon & composer Richard Band.

Waxwork Records’ deluxe vinyl Re-Animator original motion picture soundtrack is now available for just $27:

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This deluxe re-pressing of the official score to the 1985 cult-classic horror film features a completely new mastering and plating job and was sourced from the original master tapes.

Side A:

  1. Prologue / Main Title
  2. Cat Dead, Details Later; The Cellar
  3. The Cat Experiment; Searching For Bodies In The Morgue
  4. Waiting For A Reaction; First Corpse Re-Animated
  5. Halsey’s Back
  6. Halsey Re-Animated
  7. The Lab
  8. Meg and Dr. Hill

Side B:

  1. Parts, Whole Parts
  2. Halsey Lobotomized
  3. Body and Soul
  4. Halsey Grabs Meg
  5. Corpses Re-Animated
  6. Corpses Run Amok
  7. Meg Re-Animated; End Title


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