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Fright-Rags House of Unveils ‘Dawn of the Dead’ Trading Cards


For the 40th Anniversary of George A. Romero’s original Dawn of the Dead, Fright-Rags is releasing the second installment to its House of Fright line of officially licensed trading cards – last year the company released the first set based on Re-Animator. The company also mentioned that at least three more franchises would be added to the House of Fright lineup. Dawn of the Dead will be followed up by House of 1,000 Corpses in May, with Chucky (Child’s Play) and Sleepaway Camp (2 & 3) coming later this summer.

The full Dawn of the Dead trading card set includes 73 base cards, nine stickers, seven character cards, six parallel (variant) cards, and one checklist. There are also special rainbow foil base cards which, along with the character and parallel cards, will be randomly inserted into each wax pack. Each wax pack sells for $5 and includes nine trading cards and a sticker – and the wrapper glows in the dark!

For $120, you can buy a sealed box containing 24 wax packs, which holds the following items:

  • (2) full base sets
  • (2) full sticker sets
  • (2) full character sets
  • (2) full art parallel sets
  • (2) checklists
  • (1) sketch card
  • (12) random unique rainbow foil cards
  • (1) printing plate (box topper)

The sealed boxes are limited to 325 so act quickly – a similarly limited factory-sealed box has already sold out. Fright Rags Dawn of the Dead trading cards are now available for preorder and the items should arrive in late April.

Preorder at Fright-Rags


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