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Funko Reveals ‘Ad Icons’ Mystery Minis With ‘Monster Cereals’ Mascots


Funko has revealed a new assortment of Mystery Minis depicting various ad icons, including General Mills Monster Cereals. The new blind-box figurine assortment includes “Boo Berry”, “Count Chocula”, “FrankenBerry”, “Frute Brute”, and “Yummy Mummy”:

The assortment also includes a number of non-horror related characters such as the “Lucky Charms Leprechaun”, “Twinkie the Kid”, “King Ding Dong”, and “Fruit Pie The Magician” from Hostess, the “Kool-Aid Man”, “Mr. Owl” from Tootsie Pop, the “Jolly Green Giant” & “Sprout”, “Bazooka Joe, and “Bob’s Big Boy”.

The figures are available in random packs of four for $24.99:

Buy from Entertainment Earth

Entire display cases containing twelve figures are also available for $67.99:

Buy from Entertainment Earth

While Funko’s new Ad Icons Mystery Minis won’t be available until sometime in August, they’re now available on preorder.



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