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Funko Announces ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ Pop!


Funko has announced a new line of Pop! vinyl collectibles based on the classic 1986 musical horror/comedy Little Shop of Horrors. Part of Funko’s Pop! Movies line, the new figurines include the characters “Seymour Krelborn”, “Audrey Fulquad”, and “Orin Scivello D.D.S.”, along with the killer plant “Audrey II”, which has a bloody Chase variant, and the Target-exclusive “Baby Audrey II”:

While Funko’s new Little Shop of Horrors Pop! vinyls won’t be released until sometime next month, the human characters are now available on preorder for just $10.99:

“Seymour Krelborn”, who was played by Rick Moranis in Little Shop of Horrors, is #655 in Funko’s Movies line of Pop! vinyls:

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“Audrey Fulquad”, played by Ellen Greene in the film, is Funko Pop! Movies #656:

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Funko Pop! Movies #657 is modelled after actor Steve Martin as “Orin Scivello D.D.S.”:

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