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Living Dead Dolls Releases ‘Resurrection Frozen Charlotte Variant’


Mezco Toyz has released the “Resurrection Frozen Charlotte Variant” Living Dead Doll, a brand-new version of its “Resurrection Frozen Charlotte” released this Summer, which is itself a modified re-release of “Frozen Charlotte” from 2006’s Living Dead Dolls series 12. The Resurrection Frozen Charlotte Variant has a more neutral face than the sad-faced Resurrection Frozen Charlotte or the more upbeat face of the original doll. The new variant is also wearing pants, unlike the other two skirted versions, along with earmuffs and a scarf:

Resurrection Frozen Charlotte Variant is a Mezco Exclusive, meaning that it’s only available from the Mezco website, and while it doesn’t ship until sometime next month, the $60 doll is now available on waitlist:

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“Her flesh had become like fine china and just as easily broke.”

Living Dead Dolls Resurrection defrosts Charlotte and she’s prepared to face the cold, dark winter ahead. Charlotte comes bundled up in a snowsuit with a functional zipper, earmuffs, a scarf, mittens, and winter boots with a faux fur trim. She features glass-like eyes, as cold as ice. Resurrection Frozen Charlotte Variant stands 10″ tall and features 5 points of articulation. She is packaged in a traditional Living Dead Dolls coffin, perfect for display.


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