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Mezco Toyz Reveals IT (2017) Pennywise Burst-A-Box


Mezco Toyz has revealed a new addition to its Burst-A-Box line of horror movie-themed Jack-In-The-Box toys: “Pennywise”, the dancing clown from the 2017 remake of Stephen King’s IT. The pop-up toy has the killer clown bearing his trademark evil grimace while the metal box features five different scenes from the film on the sides & top:

While Mezco Toyz’ IT (2017) Pennywise Burst-A-Box won’t be released until sometime between May & June, it’s now available on preorder for $50:

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The company has previously released Burst-A-Boxes of “Jason Voorhees” from Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, “Pinhead” from Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, “Samhain” from Trick ‘r Treat, and “[Scarred] Chucky” from Bride of Chucky.


This fully functioning jack-in-the-box is approximately 14” tall when “popped”. The Burst-A-Box features a detailed head sculpt and a clothed spring body, all encased in a tin music box. Designed after his appearance in the film, Pennywise features a menacing grin and sports his signature clown suit. Comes packaged popped-out of his tin and perfect for display in a collector-friendly window box.


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