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NECA Toys Reveals IT (2017) Action Figure Accessory Set


NECA Toys has revealed a brand-new action figure accessory set from last year’s hit remake of Stephen King’s IT. The set is compatible with the company’s existing line of seven-inch IT (2017) action figures such as the recently revealed Wellhouse and GameStop-exclusive Ultimate Pennywise variants. The six-piece set contains the paper boat S.S. Georgie, Georgie’s severed arm, a red balloon, Jack-in-the-Box Pennywise, Puppet Pennywise, and a storm drain set piece featuring the supernatural killer clown peering up from within:

NECA Toys’ IT (2017) Accessory Set will be released sometime in the second quarter of next year.


Build terrifyingly detailed scenes from IT, the 2017 movie based on Stephen King’s original novel, with this new deluxe accessory set!

These incredible pieces are perfectly in scale with NECA’s line of 7″ figures and include some truly iconic items from the acclaimed horror film. The set comes in closed box packaging and includes:

  • Sewer Diorama Display Base – Featuring an exclusive-deco Pennywise face peeking out from the sewer grate! Measures over 6” x 6” (across and deep) and 2” tall.
  • Pennywise Jack in the Box Accessory – Over 3” tall.
  • Pennywise Puppet (as seen in the Well House Clown Room) – 4” tall.
  • Georgie Severed Arm Accessory
  • SS Georgie Boat Accessory
  • Red Balloon


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