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NECA’s ‘Predator’ Bone Throne Now Available From Amok Time


NECA has announced that its Bone Throne diorama element from the Predator franchise is now shipping to retailers, in fact, Amok Time Toys announced that it already has the item in stock! The back of the Bone Throne appears to be the the skull of an Alien Queen from the Aliens franchise, while the armrests are skulls of regular Xenomorphs. The Bone Throne is meant to go with NECA’s line of seven-inch Predator action figures, but can accommodate most seven- to nine-inch figures.

The fourteen-inch tall Bone Throne retails for one hundred bucks:

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Only the most powerful and respected member of a clan can be seated upon this throne, which is crafted from the bones of their most worthy opponents. The Bone Throne measures over 14” tall and is cast in resin with some plastic elements, such as the six Alien Queen “fins” on the back of the throne that can be angled to your liking.