Funko revealed an assortment of Movies Pop! figurines at Toy Fair New York, including eleven new entries from Stephen King’s It. The new lineup includes Georgie Denbrough (#536), Bill Denbrough (#537), Ben Hanscom (#538), Beverly Marsh (#539), Richie Tozier (#540), Eddie Kaspbrak #541, Pennywise With Spider Legs (#542), Pennywise With Severed Arm (#543), Pennywise With Wrought Iron (#544), Mike Hanlon (#572), and Stanley Uris (#573).

Pennywise With Severed Arm is an Amazon exclusive, while Pennywise With Wrought Iron is only available at FYE.

Additionally, Georgie Denbrough and Beverly Marsh each have a bloody chase variant. All the new It Funko Pop! figures will be available “this winter”..


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