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Funko Reveals New ‘It’ Pop! Vinyls


Funko revealed an assortment of Movies Pop! figurines at Toy Fair New York, including eleven new entries from Stephen King’s It. The new lineup includes Georgie Denbrough (#536), Bill Denbrough (#537), Ben Hanscom (#538), Beverly Marsh (#539), Richie Tozier (#540), Eddie Kaspbrak #541, Pennywise With Spider Legs (#542), Pennywise With Severed Arm (#543), Pennywise With Wrought Iron (#544), Mike Hanlon (#572), and Stanley Uris (#573).

Pennywise With Severed Arm is an Amazon exclusive, while Pennywise With Wrought Iron is only available at FYE.

Additionally, Georgie Denbrough and Beverly Marsh each have a bloody chase variant. All the new It Funko Pop! figures will be available “this winter”..


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