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Schwinn Bicycles Recreates “Mike’s Bike” From ‘Stranger Things’


Schwinn Bicycles has announced that its Stranger Things Limited Edition Mike’s Bike is now available for purchase. The company actually recreated Mike Wheeler’s bicycle from Netflix hit retro sci-fi/horror series Stranger Things:

Justin Roberts, Product Manager at Pacific Cycle said: “We knew what the bike was going to be by essentially copying what was already in the show. The show definitely harkens back to the iconic Schwinn Sting-Ray bike that would have been very prevalent at the time the show takes place in and it is something we are familiar with so figuring out the parts and pieces of it was pretty easy.”

Patrick Holten, Product Manager at Pacific Cycle added: “Netflix asked for it to feel very “in world,” that was the term they used. So from across the room it should look like a replica and feel like it really is Mike’s bike from the show. So taking that direction we started making sure there were the correct elements that are true to the bike you see in Seasons 1-2 of the show. The white wall tires and the seat having a duct tape feel to it are both directly taken from the bike that was on set. So we used a material that looked like duct tape. Then from there are some elements that weren’t on the bike in the show, but made a lot of sense for this specific bike, such as a bike license sticker that says Hawkins. After that we started hiding things and putting little surprises and Easter eggs on the bike. There is something under the saddle and something behind the chain guard that isn’t obvious at first glance. We tried to do as much as we could to add layers to something so it felt like more than a replica bike. As a fan of the show we knew fans would appreciate those extra things, so it was a clear decision for us to do it this way.”

Schwinn’s Stranger Things Limited Edition Mike’s Bike retails for $380 and it limited to a production run of just 500 bicycles, call 1-800-SCHWINN to order one while supplies last.