Sideshow Collectibles has released a new limited edition premium format figure from its own original dark fantasy concept Court of the Dead. Limited to just 100 copies, “Shard: Mourner Fidelis” was designed by Court of the Dead creator & Sideshow Chief Creative Officer Tom Gilliland, Amilcar Fong, Ian MacDonald, and Tom Jilesen, sculpted by Mark Newman, molded & cast by Adam Smith & Chadwick Andersen, painted by Kat Sapene, with costume fabrication by Greg Mowry. The 23-inch tall figure is made of polystone, metal, and fabric and weighs approximately twelve pounds.

The Court of the Dead Shard: Mourner Fidelis premium format figure is now available for $525:

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Shard is the first – and only – living and breathing mortal to ever set foot into the Underworld. Though she may have entered the realm of the dead as a mortal trespasser, she does not remain an outsider for long.

Through the honorable Reaper General Demithyle, Shard discovers a familiar code of honor and duty. No being is inherently good or evil. Actions matter. Self-determination decides. The Underworld sets Shard on the path to discover the truth of both the universe, and herself. Shard meets many other members of the Court of the Dead on her journey… But that is a story for another time.

Until then, you can revel in Shard’s Underworld allegiance with the Exclusive Shard: Mourner Fidelis Premium Format Figure. Take note of the understated changes to the crest upon Shard’s chest and you may begin to understand the profound shift in her character. With the signature sallow skin of a ghost, and hair streaked gray with wisdom, the unique hands and head for this figure will turn the head of anyone who walks past!

The subtle and delicate paint job on these exclusive pieces speak volumes of Shard’s experience in the Underworld.


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