A number of details were revealed about the upcoming eighth season of American Horror Story via social media over the past few days. First, series co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed that the next season will be a crossover between fan favorite seasons 1 “Murder House” and 3 “Coven”:

Next, recurring lead Sarah Paulson confirmed that she’ll be returning as “Cordelia Goode”:

Star of season 3, Emma Roberts, shared a short in-character video:

Roberts also shared a photo of herself and star of season 1 Evan Peters in-costume together:

Finally, Peters posted that he and Paulson would be revealing the name and plot of the new season to the winner of a charity contest on Omaze:

The winner will:

  • Hang out with Evan Peters & Sarah Paulson and ask them all your burning questions about American Horror Story seasons past (and future)
  • Read the first three scripts of season 8 and be the first fan to discover the top-secret title and plot of the long-awaited crossover
  • Take home a season 7, episode 1 script signed by Evan, Sarah and the cast (this one’s for the winner only, sorry friend!)
  • Be flown out to LA and put up in a 4-star hotel

Go to Omaze for full details on how to enter, and stay tuned to Grave Decay for more details about American Horror Story season eight as they become available!


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