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‘Channel Zero: The Dream Door’ Gets Promo & Release Date


SyFy has revealed the first official promo and release date for the upcoming fourth season of its hit horror anthology series Channel Zero. Subtitled The Dream Door, the new promo image features actress Maria Sten, who appears to be asleep and dreaming of the nightmare creature above her head:

Based on the creepypasta “Hidden Door” by Charlotte Bywater, the new season is written by series-creator Nick Antosca, directed by Evan Katz, and stars Brandon Scott, Maria Sten, Steven Robertson, and Steven Weber.

The first episode of Channel Zero: The Dream Door premieres Friday, October 26th at 11:00pm on SyFy, with a new episode airing at that time for the following five days. That’s right, the entire new season will run from the 26th though Halloween night on the 31st!


Tom (Brandon Scott) and Jillian (Maria Sten), a pair of childhood friends turned newlyweds who are hoping to transform Tom’s childhood home into their own dream house. Though Jillian has high hopes for the new life they’re starting, Tom is trouble by secrets they both keep in their pasts. Those secrets might be trouble enough, but then they discover the secret door hidden in their basement, and their very lives may suddenly be at stake. Ian (Steven Robertson), a grad student who lives next door to Tom and Jillian, becomes swept up in the mysteries surrounded the door. Jillian’s therapist Abel (Steven Weber), learns about the door through their sessions, even if Jillian might not be entirely sure what he’s thinking about it.


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