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Ian Ziering To Play “Blue Devil” In DC Universe’s ‘Swamp Thing’


DC Comics has announced that Sharknado star Ian Ziering has been cast DC Universe’s upcoming live-action Swamp Thing series. Ziering will play the character “Daniel Cassidy” AKA the “Blue Devil”, which debuted in the 80’s with his own comic series that ran for just thirty issues. Cassidy was an actor playing the character of Blue Devil before running into an actual demon who fused Cassidy to the suit.

The poster above is actual production art from the series, showing a fictional Blue Devil movie promo.

Ziering joins Kevin Durand as “Jason Woodrue” AKA “Floronic Man”Andy Bean as “Alec Holland”, Derek Mears as “Swamp Thing”Will Patton as “Avery Sunderland”Virginia Madsen as “Maria Sunderland”Jeryl Prescott as “Madame Xanadu”Jennifer Beals as “Sheriff Lucilia Cable”Crystal Reed as “Abby Arcane”, and Maria Sten as “Liz Tremayne”.

Produced by James Wan, Mark Verheiden, Gary Dauberman, Michael Clear and Len Wiseman, Swamp Thing is expected to premiere sometime next Summer exclusively on the DC Universe subscription streaming service.

Character Description:

Stuntman turned movie star Daniel Cassidy became semi-famous after playing the demonic Blue Devil. But now, eight years later, Cassidy finds himself living out his days in frustration, pining for his former fame while on a collision course with destiny.

SourceDC Comics


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