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Shudder Announces New Documentary Series ‘Cursed Films’


AMC Networks has announced Cursed Films, a new documentary series coming to Shudder later this year. The film explores tragedies that befell the cast & crew of popular horror movies through interviews with the survivors. Cursed Films is written, directed, and edited by Jay Cheel and produced by First Love Films.

Shudder General Manager Craig Engler stated: “Cursed Films is a fascinating look at why these iconic horror movies have gained such an outsized reputation for being the focus of bizarre tragedies and strange coincidences that seemingly defy explanation.”

Documentarian Jay Cheel said: “As a documentary filmmaker and lifelong horror fan, this project has offered an amazing opportunity to indulge my own curiosities surrounding these ‘cursed’ film productions. In turn, Cursed Films offers Shudder’s audience a unique perspective on the making of these classic movies while attempting to uncover why we’re so captivated by the catastrophes and coincidences connected to them.”

Cursed Films will be released sometime later this year exclusively on Shudder.

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