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Shudder Announces Eli Roth, Adrienne Barbeau & Elijah Wood Podcasts


AMC Networks has announced a trio of new podcasts are coming to its horror streaming service Shudder. The shows include a continuation of last year’s horror installment of the AMC documentary series Visionaries, ​Eli Roth’s History of Horror: Uncut, She Kills with Adrienne Barbeau, and ​Visitations with Elijah Wood.


Shudder General Manager Craig Engler stated: “We’re thrilled to be working with amazing talents like Eli Roth, Adrienne Barbeau, Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah, who have assembled an unprecedented collection of horror creators for this slate of podcasts. They’ll be exploring timely topics, unpacking the history of the genre and pointing the way to its future by talking to the people who made horror it what it is today.”

​Eli Roth’s History of Horror: Uncut

All twelve episodes of​ Eli Roth’s History of Horror: Uncut are now available on Shudder, while the first episode featuring horror legend Stephen King is now available on iTunes & other podcasting platforms, with subsequent episodes to be released weekly on Mondays & Fridays.


A companion to the television series ​Eli Roth’s History of Horror, this Shudder Original podcast takes things to a new level with the full, uncut interviews that Eli Roth and his producers conducted for the show. Over the course of twelve episodes, ​Eli Roth’s History of Horror: Uncut will offer listeners hours of never-before-heard, candid conversations between Roth and ​Stephen King​, ​Edgar Wright​, ​Quentin Tarantino​, ​Diablo Cody​,​ Bryan Fuller​, ​Catherine Hardwicke, ​Victor LaValle​, Tippi Hedren​, ​Bruce Campbell​, ​Josh Hartnett​, ​Greg Nicotero,​ and ​Rob Zombie​.

She Kills

Host Adrienne Barbeau said: “It’s about time we heard more from women in horror than just their blood-curdling screams! I am honored to be part of this fascinating new podcast featuring the kick-ass women of the genre. From playing victims to villains and vampyres to Valkyries, oh, the stories we have to tell.”

All ten episodes of She Kills will be released to Shudder on Friday, March 1st​, while the first episode, featuring director ​Karyn Kusama​ and actresses ​Emily Deschanel & Clark Wolfe,​ will be available on iTunes & other podcasting platforms, with subsequent episodes to be released weekly on Mondays & Fridays.


She Kills is a Shudder Original podcast by and about women in horror. Each episode pairs notable women – actors, directors, writers and journalists – in frank and revealing conversations about female representation and inclusion in genre filmmaking. Guests include beloved stars like ​Barbara Crampton, Jennifer Tilly​, and ​Dee Wallace​, genre innovators like ​Anna Biller,​ ​Alex Essoe​, and Pollyanna McIntosh​, and writers, critics and horror experts like ​Blaire Bercy,​ ​Grae Drake​, and Dana Schwartz​. 


Co-hosts Elijah Wood & Daniel Noah said: “We’re big fans of the loose, conversational style of interview shows from the 1960s, and leapt at the chance to document intimate interactions with some of our friends and colleagues creating incredible work in genre and beyond”

Visitations will be released sometime this Spring on Shudder, with weekly episodes available on iTunes & other podcasting platforms.


Elijah Wood & Daniel Noah invite listeners to join them as they drop in on some of their most creative friends for casual conversations at locations of their subjects’ choosing – at their homes, on set, or in their personal workshops – in the ten-episode Shudder Original Podcast, ​Visitations with Elijah Wood & Daniel Noah. Episodes will feature visits with filmmakers ​Ana Lily Amirpour​, ​Taika Waititi, ​and​ John Landis​, writer ​Dan Harmon​, musician Flying Lotus​, and fashion designers ​Rodarte​, among others.



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