The CW has released the ScoobyNatural trailer for an upcoming animated cross-over episode of Supernatural where Sam and Dean get sucked into the TV to join Scooby, Shaggy, and the rest of the gang from Scooby-Doo.

Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki (2005’s House of Wax, 2009’s Friday the 13th), Jensen Ackles (2009’s My Bloody Valentine), and Misha Collins. Season 13 of Supernatural premieres on The CW Thursday, March 29th.


The thrilling and terrifying journey of the Winchester brothers continues as Supernatural enters its thirteenth season. Sam and Dean have spent their lives on the road, battling supernatural threats that include everything from the demon that killed their mother to the usual vampires, ghosts, shapeshifters, angels and fallen gods rampaging over the land. They’ve come out on top with the help of allies, both human and supernatural, but every victory comes at a price.


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