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Vampire State Building #2


Ablaze Publishing will release Vampire State Building #2 on Wednesday, October 23rd. The horror comic book series is written by Ange & Patrick Renault, with illustrations by Charlie Adlard, and colors by Sebastien Gerard. The 32-page full-color issue features main cover art by Adlard, with variants by Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, and Diego Bernard.

Vampire State Building #2 is now available to preorder for just $3.99:

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The vampire god U’tlun’ta has awoken from his long slumber and turned the Empire State Building and its trapped victims within into a massive feeding ground…each body slowly bringing back his full power. With the rescue SWAT team decimated upon contact with the vampire horde, and Terry and his friends trapped 80 floors up, is there any hope for escape?

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