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AfterShock Comics ‘A Walk Through Hell’ Issue #12


This Wednesday, AfterShock Comics will release A Walk Through Hell issue #12. The 32-page full-color comic is written by Garth Ennis & illustrated by Goran Sudzuka, with letters by Rob Steen, and colors by Ive Svorcina.

AfterShock Comics' A Walk Through Hell issue #12 cover by Goran Sudzuka.
Cover by Goran Sudzuka

A Walk Through Hell issue #12 is now available to preorder in both print & digital for just $3.99:

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Carnahan – or what now looks out from behind his eyes – finally tells Shaw the truth about what’s in store for humanity. As the world begins its transformation according to the villain’s grand design, Shaw realizes she has only one card left to play – one that will almost certainly mean her own destruction.

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