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Eternal Thirst of Dracula 2 #2


American Mythology Productions has released Eternal Thirst of Dracula 2 #2. The vampire horror comic book series is written by Mike Wolfer & illustrated by Elmer Cantada. The full-color issue features main cover art by Jomar Bulda, with a variant by Mike Kalvoda.

Eternal Thirst of Dracula 2 #2 is now available for just $3.99:

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The heart-ripping, true tale of Dracula set in the 1970’s Philippines continues! After their movie co-star Romy Verzosa is kidnapped by a vicious, female vampire, Van Hauser and Candy Brick know that the only way that they can save the life of their friend is to venture to Count Dracula’s secluded, island fortress to give him the ransom that he demands… The secret journals of Abraham Van Helsing! But how can they possibly be prepared for the tropical hell that they are about to walk into, a steaming jungle isle populated by Dracula, his brides, and his unholy vampire gorillas? And can even Dracula be prepared when his sanctuary comes under attack by the hideous, vampire monster rivals who seek to destroy him?

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