This Wednesday, Archie Comics will release Sabrina Teenage Witch issue #4. The five-part comic miniseries is written by Kelly Thompson and illustrated by Veronica & Andy Fish and Jack Morelli. The 32-page full-color issue features cover art by Veronica Fish, and variants by Victor Ibanez & Audrey Mok.

Sabrina Teenage Witch issue #4 is now available to preorder in both print & digital for just $3.99:

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Sabrina’s worlds collide as the town of Greendale becomes engulfed in a literal witch hunt—putting Sabrina’s family and her secrets right in the crosshairs. But the monsters plaguing the town are not exactly what they seem and it’s up to Sabrina to save the town from itself, while clearing the name of witches everywhere. But what will be the price? Sabrina’s got everything riding on her “fresh start” in Greendale but doing the right thing might mean losing all she’s come to hold most dear.