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Dynamite Announces ‘KISS: The End’ Comic For Band’s Farewell Tour


Dynamite Entertainment has announced that it’s launching a brand-new KISS comic series to coincide with the legendary rock band’s upcoming “End of the Road” farewell tour. The aptly named KISS: The End is written by Amy Chu & illustrated by Edu Menna with letters by Troy Peteri, cover art by Stuart Sayger, and variant covers by Jorge Fornes & Denis Medri, plus a photo cover:

Writer Amy Chu said: “I’m totally stoked to be back on KISS, especially for the final tour. And to be working with Edu Menna who drew my friend Craig Engler’s ZNation, it’s pretty awesome! I’ll be incorporating parts of the actual tour and KISS history into the storyline, and expect lots of Easter eggs, just like in the previous Elder run!”

Artist Edu Menna commented: “I’ve listened to KISS since my teenage years and their Unplugged album is a favorite. I’ve followed Amy’s work and have had ‘envy’ of artists who partnered with her… finally my turn arrived! I always try to bring something new for each project. In this work I want to use my style combined with the elegance of the European masters. I hope fans enjoy what we’re putting together.”

Editor Kevin Ketner added: “A lot of books have rock and a lot of books have roll, but none of them are going to combine the two like we are with this one. This is the first comic that is going to make your ears ring. So go hydrate, do some stretches, and get your LCS to pre-order your copy.”

KISS: The End issue #1 will be released sometime in April, so stay tuned as we learn more!

KISS‘ “End of the Road” tour kicks off later on this month in Vancouver, Canada and ends mid-September in Oakland, CA.


A young man finds himself possibly dead and wrangling with some of life’s most eternal questions. It’s a good thing he runs into Death, who sets him on a path to track down their own demon offspring. His prophetic guides in this quest are none other than the otherworldly KISS – The Starchild, The Demon, The Spaceman and The Catman. Their help will be needed, with plenty of peril along the way.


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