IDW Publishing has released the Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary: Extreme Ghostbusters one-shot comic, featuring the Extreme Ghostbusters cast from the late nineties cartoon series. The full-color comic is written by Jim Beard & Keith Dallas, with illustrations & cover art by Tim Lattie.

The Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary: Extreme Ghostbusters one-shot is now available in both print & digital for just $3.99:

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Some people wish for the ability to fully communicate with the animals around us, but when the furry, feathered, and finny inhabitants of the Central Park Zoo star talking and demand their release, the people of New York just wish they’d shut up! Egon Spengler and his Extreme Ghostbusters race to answer the call, unaware of one creature’s fiendish plot to control the possessed animals and drive them to attack humanity in revenge for their incarceration.