IDW Publishing has announced a new comic miniseries based on H.G. Wells’ classic mad scientist tale The Island of Dr. Moreau. The two-part series will be written by IDW founder Ted Adams & illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez, with colors by Nelson Daniel & letters by Robbie Robbins.

While this new interpretation stays true to the classic story & setting, creators Adams & Rodriguez replaced the protagonist “Edward Prendick” with a female version of the character, “Ellen Prendick”, in order to “explore a new version of one of the world’s favorite stories through the eyes of a more active character with a different and refreshing point of view”.

Adams said: “Wells’ novel is as relevant today as when he wrote it in 1896. It addresses the subject of the thin line that separates men from beasts and the question that all scientists should ask themselves: ‘Just because we can do something, does that mean we should?’”

Rodriguez added: “To provide a vivid, immersive experience for the reader, we set the narrative of Dr. Moreau entirely in double-page spreads, a format that builds a rich world for the characters and presents the mystery and terror in a thrilling and concise way. We also push the boundaries of the Beast Folk’s design to a point where familiar animal shapes, imbued with traces of human expression, feel genuinely disturbing. It’s been an exciting challenge to capture the fundamental wonder and horror of the novel.”

IDW Publishing’s The Island of Dr. Moreau is expected to be released at some point in July.