Image Comics will release the Spawn: Enemy of the State trade paperback on Wednesday, August 21st. The full-color book contains issues #284-290 of the comic series. Spawn: Enemy of the State is written by Todd McFarlane & illustrated by Jason Shawn Alexander, with cover art by Francesco Mattina.

Image Comics' Spawn: Enemy State Trade Paperback Cover by Francesco Mattina

The Spawn: Enemy of the State trade paperback is now available to preorder for just $16.99:

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Trapped in a maximum security penitentiary, Al Simmons is exactly where he wants to be. But the danger is greater than he knows. Alone against his enemies, Al begins to unravel his master plan to bring Heaven and Hell to their knees, with the help of some old… “friends”. Overtkill, Cy-Gor, The Curse, and The Freak all return-like never before!