Mike Wolfer Entertainment will release Widow Progeny #3 on Wednesday, November 13th. The three-part horror comic book series is written by Mike Wolfer & illustrated by Roy Allen Martinez. The 32-page black & white issue features main & variant cover art by Karl Moline.

Mike Wolfer Entertainment Widow Progeny #3 Cover A by Karl Moline

Widow Progeny #3 is now available to preorder for just $4.99:

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One by one they have fallen, victims of the ravenous appetites of the spider-like, cannibalistic monstrosities, and now in the shocking, mini-series conclusion, CPO Israel Thorne and the shipwrecked Katy will make their last stand against the horde of monstrous spider-creatures that inhabit the island on which they are stranded. Their only hope for survival lies in the hands of the beautiful triplets, Rain, Pretty, and Blue. But will the trio’s uncontrollable urges to transform into arachnid beasts and feast on human flesh spell ultimate doom for Thorne and Katy?