Vault Comics will release Cult Classic Creature Feature #2 on Wednesday, November 20th. The horror comic book series is written by Eliot Rahal & illustrated by John Bivens, with colors by Hannah Jerrie & Iris Monahan, and letters by Taylo Esposito. The 32-page full-color issue features main cover art by Bivens.

Vault Comics Cult Classics Creature Feature #2 Cover A by John Bivens

Cult Classic Creature Feature #2 is now available to preorder for just $3.99:

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Irving Parker is dead and no one knows it. Turns out… the moments right before the apocalypse are completely mundane. The world breathes like it always has-self-obsessed and assured of its own continuation. When, in reality, the creature from King Lake continues to secrete brain-slugs into the sewer system of Whisper. And the vomited-up skeleton of a little girl is busy trapping an unsuspecting (and washed up) television host. It’s all about to fall down.