Now entering its third year, the Dead by Daylight team has announced its roadmap for the rest of 2018 and into the beginning of next year:

Starting this summer, the game will be receiving four new chapters, each with its own new killers, survivors, and maps. And along with that first summer update, all of the game’s original characters will be unlockable through playtime as well as purchased via DLC. This, however, does not include licensed characters such as Freddy Krueger (AKA The Nightmare), Leatherface (AKA The Cannibal), Michael Myers (AKA The Shape), and others. Speaking of characters, customizations such as alternate costumes are coming to the game, either available for purchase or via playtime. These new skins are purely cosmetic and won’t give your characters any added bonuses or abilities.

In order to allow experience-based unlocks, the game will be implementing what it calls the “global player level”, details of which will be announced at a later date. The ranking system is also getting overhauled, with a daily leaderboard, rewards, and integration with the newly released emblem system.

Also on docket are enhancements to the game’s anti-cheat system, addressing “toxicity” in the community, and a tutorial mode for new players.

Finally, mid-chapter update cycle has been added to all four planned chapters, in which the team will focus on fixing bugs and balancing the new additions:

In order to reduce the number of bugs and to make developing new features faster, updates will first hit the PC, using the Public Test Build, so that more players can beta test these releases before committing the updates to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The development team also promised to devote more time to bug fixes, such as the one that deletes your saves.