Author & paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren has died at the age of 92. Warren, along with her late husband Ed (1926-2006), were the most well-known ghost hunters in the modern age, inspiring the powerhouse horror movie franchises Amityville and The Conjuring.

Actress Vera Farmiga, who plays Warren in The Conjuring films, posted this remembrance on social media: “My dear friend Lorraine Warren has passed. From a deep feeling of sorrow, a deep feeling of gratitude emerges. I was so blessed to have known her and am honored to portray her. She lived her life in grace and cheerfulness. She wore a helmet of salvation, she dawned her sword compassion, and took a shield of faith. Righteousness was her breastplate, and she has touched my life so. Love you Lorraine. You’re waltzing with Ed now.”