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CMON Is Making A ‘Night of the Living Dead’ Board Game


Board game maker CMON has announced that it has acquired the rights to create a tabletop game based on the late, great George A. Romero’s original zombie survival movie Night of the Living Dead from Living Dead Media. The company once again teamed up with Evolution, who it previously collaborated with on the upcoming Netflix Narcos board game, and Image Ten, the original Night of the Living Dead production company.

CMON VP of Media Development Geoff Skinner stated: “Night of the Living Dead is the quintessential zombie movie. It’s an honor to work with such a property, and we are excited to be able to partner with Living Dead Media and Image Ten on creating a game worthy of the movie’s legacy.”

Evolution Partner & Chief Revenue Officer Travis Rutherford added: “We’re thrilled for Night of the Living Dead to be hitting gaming tables all over the world next year and are excited to see what the team at CMON has cooked up. Just like their work on Narcos, we know this will be a fitting addition to a legendary franchise.”

Living Dead Media CEO Steve Wolsh said: “Living Dead Media and Image Ten are proud to partner with CMON to bring legions of fans a new way to experience Night of the Living Dead. And, Living Dead Media will be honoring George A. Romero by donating a portion of its profits to the newly formed George A. Romero Foundation known as GARF.”

Unfortunately, there was no word regarding the game’s release date, so stay tuned for new details to emerge!

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