Gaming Heads has announced that its “Patriotguy” Doom collectible is now available for purchase. The new figure complements “Doomguy”, which was released last month:

Like “Doomguy”, “Patriotguy” is all in-game collectible bonus items from 2016’s remake of the 1995 first person shooter Doom. Gaming Heads has brought them into the real world with full-scale replicas, complete with audio of the original 1995’s theme:

“Patriotguy” is now available for purchase from Gaming Heads for $40:

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The company also announced the next item in its Doom line of collectibles, Pinkguy:

While “Pinkguy” won’t ship until mid-June, it’s now available for preorder, also at $40:

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Standing approximately nine inches tall and made using high-quality PVC, the Doomguy collectibles have been designed to feature articulation of the head, arms, wrists, and waist to depict him as found in game. At the press of a button, the E1M1 Hangar theme tune can played via a short sound clip. Comes in a full-colored window box so you can choose to display this beautifully hand-painted action figure in or out of the box. Requires two AAA batteries which are not included.