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Lego Announces ‘Ghostbusters’ BrickHeadz


Lego has announced, via social media, that it’s bringing the Ghostbusters franchise to its line of BrickHeadz, buildable figurines. The company shared an image featuring “Peter Venkman” and “Slimer”:

The rest of the lineup remains unclear. Other BrickHeadz sets include a variable number of figures, with some lines, such as Jurassic World, only containing a single two-pack. Single BrickHeadz typically retail for $10 while two-packs go for $20. So maybe we’ll see the other three members of the original Ghostbusters team, or maybe “Venkman & Slimer” will be a two-pack.

Lego said the Ghostbusters BrickHeadz are “coming soon”, so stay tuned!