Mego has posted wholesale listings for a set of brand-new eight-inch clothed action figures based on horror icons including “Freddy Krueger”, Nosfertu, and Universal MonstersDracula (w/Red Cape), Frankenstein, the Invisible Man, and the Wolfman.

For accessories, Freddy has his hat, Frankenstein has shackles, and the Invisible man has his invisibility elixir. Each eight-inch figure features fourteen points of articulation.

Since these new Mego action figures have just been listed for wholesale, we can’t be sure exactly when they’ll arrive at retail, but it shouldn’t take very long – stay tuned!

Dracula (w/Red Cape) Description:

Dracula, portrayed by Bela Lugosi, is back to stalk us all! Transylvania’s most famous resident is known for feeding on the blood of humans to maintain his power and vampire-style good looks. In his tuxedo and red cape, Dracula’s always in style, especially when he is looking to lure new prey.

Nosferatu Description:

Count Orlock comes to London from his home in Transyvlania to feed off the people of the modern city. His inhuman, bat-like appearance terrifies all who see him.